25 June 2012

Out of the Stable Equestrian art at Greenwich

Daisy’ was photographed by EadwardMuybridge in the 1880s, as a series of stills which helped show exactly how horses’ legs moved. It’s plate 624. 

This panel is a tribute to Daisy who helped us understand horses better. It’s made of glass and soldered lead came, with Daisy’s image drawn upon it in golden enamel.

‘It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s who you go home with after the race is over ‘. This panel is made of glass and glued wooden came. The central horse image comes from an ancient Persian painting in the British museum. The surrounding star pattern is an Islamic decorative device which often appears on carpets. Islamic artists were not allowed to depict ‘graven images’ so horses were deliberately drawn as a decoration. This horse is cut out of mirrored window film and the text is cut with a dremmel. The horse can hide, or be seen, depending on the angle of the light. Each corner is embellished with dichroric film (‘ film’ as in,  a thin sheet rather than film as in ‘a series of moving pictures’, which is a link to ‘Daisy’). Dichroric glass and film show different colours according to the ambient light, and both are stunningly beautiful.