22 March 2010

Window glass in Islington

This is opposite the back door of the Union Chapel. The glass has been painted/stencilled with a chintz-y outline in black.

17 January 2010

Glass Sculpture, Hackney Marshes E9

The sculpture is made of mirrored metal and glass. The crackled effect on the glass laminate is similar to that on some camefix panels. It's north of the bridge at the West end of Eastway; by the canal. It's new but has been vandalised. The glass bears a bullet hole but as the glass is shattered anyway it doesn't notice. Some damp has got inside and there are beads of moisture and some black mould is growing but they no more detract from its beauty than beads of rain on a spider's web or lichen on a statue. The artist has cleverly made something that is beyond vandalism.