12 September 2008

Window Quilts.

I prefer window quilts to curtains. These are a top and a bottom section, made of mattress quilting facing out, and on the inside, washable cotton. They use less fabric than cutains to provide the same level of insulation. They are washable. When not in use they are taken down and rolled up. They can easily be re-hung; small metal hooks are screwed into the wood of the window frame and each quilt has 2 loops at the top made of bike inner tube which slip over the hoops. The windows are an awkward shape to make curtains for as they have a brass opening device that sticks out into the room but I made the quilt to fit round it. As the quilt fits so snugly against the window glass no condensation forms so there's no problem with water running down the wall. There are two toy, sand-filled lizards on the top of the window frame.