6 June 2008

Don't worry - Writing on glass

Suncatcher 13.5 x 13.5 cm.
The glass is fixed with milliput. This text is written with enamel but I have similar success with housepaint and pabeo products. They all stick well as long as the glass is cleaned first: apple vinegar is more effective for this than detergent. If the glass is painted on and put in the oven gas 1 for 5 minutes and allowed to cool it stays on even better; but by stays on even better I mean it was immersed in water outside in winter for months so that really is testing to destruction. My tests were: 1.don't clean the glass then paint, 2.clean the glass then paint, 3.clean the glass, paint then bake. 1, came off overnight, 2. lasted months 3. lasted 2 years then was discarded-it plainly was there for good.
The crystal is held in with embroidery silk fixed onto the glass with the adhesive tape I use to fix the glass into the came. This tape shows as a black line so I prefer the effect of tying the crystal onto the glass directly which I have used before.

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