1 May 2008

Islamic tessalation

I saw this star design on an arab carpet in a palace in Majorca. It belongs to the King of Spain.
I am intrigued by islamic tessalated designs. I chose to use this design because it can be cut in glass easily as it has straight edges which are not concave.
I used Microsoft Office Publisher to draw the template. MOP allows me to constantly revise the design. If I had drawn it with a pencil I would have done a lot of rubbing out and it would have been hard to see which lines were to be used and which were erased. Lots of erasing makes the paper thin and wrinkled. However, MOP divided the image into pages which were printed separately and had to be assembled. I had to allow 3mm between each piece of glass to allow for the came so there was a lot of drawing and measuring to be done.
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