5 May 2008

Double glazed unit has steamed up

It has rained a lot here. Both these sealed units have failed because damp air has got into them and water has condensed on the cold glass inside the unit.
The TOP image shows a double-glazed unit which is irreparable. I will have to smash out the glass and replace it, beacuse I cannot remove the water any other way. Not job I am looking forward to.
The BOTTOM image shows a secondary glazed sealed unit. It uses bentonite clay (sourced from cat litter) as a desiccant. A few days later the clay had absorbed the damp and that panel was fine again. If that had not happened, I could have opened the container of desiccant and replaced it; a much easier job then replacing the glass. That is why I prefer secondary glazing to double-glazing: it is more robust, and therefore less wasteful.
Too often the heritage energy in construction materials is wasted. When a building is demolished and the materials used to construct it are reused the energy used to originally make them has not been lost, but if they go into landfill then the energy is lost.
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Stained glass with lead oxide

This glass is held in a lead framework (aka leaded light). You can see how the lead has oxidised into lead oxide, a white powder which isn't nice to look at. Cleaning them is tricky, and a specilaist job. Water used to wash them will hold lead oxide so it would be poisonous, so must be disposed of carefully. Camefix is made of plastic, will not oxidise; and if the camefix stained glass panel is inside a sealed unit, both outer surfaces can be cleaned easily with your favourite cleaning product.

1 May 2008

Stained glass being made.

Here's my studio table with the panel being made. You can see the dichroric film I'm edging the panel with (rainbow coloured, on right) my Over Head Projector pens to write on the glass, the rule made of a slat from a window blind for guiding my glass cutter, and my glass cutter kept in a little jar of oil so the blade stays sharp. Between the two stars is a swarovski crystal.
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Stumbled upon and google bookmark

This lets viewers of a blog bookmark to any of its posts. When they go to iGoogle they can see a list of all the posts they've bookmarked. Saves them scrolling down all the posts. http://www.addthis.com/ . You have to sign up but it's free . It doesn't put adverts on your site.

I've been reading blogs by other artists. It seems the blog is a popular format because it can be changed, added to and generally messed around at will, like a painting. I found a social networking tool called stumbled upon. It's free-you log sites you like and look at sites added by others to the shared log. http://www.stumbleupon.com/ You need one of their
buttons and there is a new text bar. www.stumbleupon.com/buttons.php?pgtype=blog

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Islamic tessalation

I saw this star design on an arab carpet in a palace in Majorca. It belongs to the King of Spain.
I am intrigued by islamic tessalated designs. I chose to use this design because it can be cut in glass easily as it has straight edges which are not concave.
I used Microsoft Office Publisher to draw the template. MOP allows me to constantly revise the design. If I had drawn it with a pencil I would have done a lot of rubbing out and it would have been hard to see which lines were to be used and which were erased. Lots of erasing makes the paper thin and wrinkled. However, MOP divided the image into pages which were printed separately and had to be assembled. I had to allow 3mm between each piece of glass to allow for the came so there was a lot of drawing and measuring to be done.
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