25 March 2008


Here are two images of a suncatcher I made for Charley. On the left it is against a sheet; on the right against the view from the window. It has a octagonal swarovski crystal so it makes rainbows for her when the sun shines through it.

When I first started making stained glass panels I used prisms and bevels which refract the sunlight into rainbows. I saw the prisms made much better rainbows than the bevels. The bevels are glass and the prisms are acrylic or glass. So why are the bevels less effective than the prisms at splitting white light?

I discovered Strass/ Swarovski® Crystals (Swore-off-ski). They are made of glass with lead in, aka crystal. These flawless crystals are clearer than air or water. They refract well and make excellent rainbows; they are small and relatively cheap. The bevels are made of ordinary glass, not crystal, so refract less well.

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